April 2 Webinar: The Public Health Impact of Community Speed Reduction

Resource: Tools Webinars
Audience: Public health and transportation professionals


The Public Health Impact of Community Speed Reduction: An overview and key recommendations from a recent 鶹ֱ report

About this webinar
This webinar is intended for public health and transportation professionals seeking to learn more about reducing motor vehicle speed. The presentation will include an overview of the public health impact of community speed reduction and highlight key recommendations. Speakers will describe local and state approaches to reducing vehicle speeds in communities and the role of state level policy in promoting safer speeds.

Learning Objectives
Participants completing this training will be able to:

  • Describe the public health impact of reducing motor vehicle speed
  • Discuss state and local policies and approaches that might be used to reduce motor vehicle speeds
  • Recall specific examples of emerging and best practices in community speed reduction
  • Identify tools to help explore community speed reduction options at a local or state level


  • Kathleen McCabe Director, Public Health Policy and Practice 鶹ֱ
  • Greg Raisman Traffic Safety Specialist Portland Bureau of Transportation (OR)
  • Barry Keppard Manager of Public Health Division Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MA)